Canon Pixma MG2120 driver windows and mac

The Canon PIXMA MG2120 is an inkjet printer that was released by Canon in the past. It is an all-in-one printer that can print, scan and copy documents. The printer has a compact design and is suitable for home use or small office use. It can print high-quality photos and documents with its color printing technology. Additionally, the Canon PIXMA MG2120 is known for its affordability, making it a popular choice for those who are looking for an affordable printer.

The Canon PIXMA MG2120 is an all-in-one printer that combines printing, scanning, and copying capabilities in one compact device. It uses a hybrid ink system that combines both dye and pigment inks to produce high-quality prints with vivid colors and sharp text. The printer has a compact size, making it a good choice for small spaces or home offices. It is also affordable, making it a good option for those on a budget.

In terms of printing, the MG2120 has a maximum print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi and can produce borderless photos up to 8.5 x 11 inches in size. It has a fast print speed of up to 8.4 pages per minute for black and white prints and 4.8 pages per minute for color prints.

Canon Pixma MG2120
In terms of scanning and copying, the MG2120 has a flatbed scanner with an optical resolution of 600 x 1200 dpi and can produce color scans at 48-bit depth. The copier has a maximum copy speed of 22 pages per minute for black and white copies and 17 pages per minute for color copies.

The Canon PIXMA MG2120 is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems and can be connected to a computer via USB. Overall, the MG2120 is a good choice for home users looking for a basic, affordable, and reliable all-in-one printer.

Canon Pixma MG2120 specifications

The Canon Pixma MG2120 is an all-in-one inkjet photo printer that offers basic features and functionality for home users. It is part of Canon's Pixma series and has been available in the market since 2011. The printer allows you to print, scan, and copy documents and photos with ease.

Key features of the Canon Pixma MG2120 include:

  • Print resolution: It offers a maximum color resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi, providing sharp and vibrant prints.
  • Print speed: The MG2120 can print at a speed of up to 8.4 images per minute (ipm) for black and white prints and 4.8 ipm for color prints.
  • Connectivity: The printer connects to your computer via a USB 2.0 interface.
  • Paper handling: The Pixma MG2120 can handle various paper sizes, including letter, legal, U.S. #10 envelopes, and photo paper in different sizes.
  • Scanner: The built-in flatbed scanner has a maximum optical resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi, which is suitable for scanning documents and photos.
  • Copier: The copier function allows you to make color or black and white copies of documents or photos with ease.
  • Ink system: The printer uses a two-cartridge ink system, with one cartridge for black and another for color.

Please note that the Canon Pixma MG2120 is an older model, and it may not support some of the more recent features and functions found in newer printers. If you're looking for a printer with wireless connectivity, mobile printing, or other advanced features, you might want to consider other models in the Canon Pixma series or alternative options from different brands.

Canon Pixma MG2120 driver software download

To download the driver software for the Canon Pixma MG2120, you should visit the official Canon support website. Since I cannot directly provide you with download links, I will guide you through the process of finding the correct driver for your printer:

  1. Go to the Canon official website:
  2. Click on the "Support & Drivers" or "Drivers & Downloads" link, usually found at the top or bottom of the page.
  3. In the search bar or product finder, type "Canon Pixma MG2120" and hit enter.
  4. Click on the appropriate search result to access the printer's support page.
  5. Locate the "Drivers & Downloads" section, usually on the right side or at the bottom of the page.
  6. Select your operating system from the drop-down menu. The website should automatically detect your operating system, but you can change it if needed.
  7. A list of available drivers and software will be displayed. Look for the "MG2100 series MP Driver" or a similar name, which is the all-in-one driver for printing and scanning.
  8. Click the "Select" or "Download" button next to the driver, and follow the instructions to download and install the driver on your computer.

After you have successfully installed the driver, you should be able to use your Canon Pixma MG2120 printer with your computer.

Please note that the actual website layout and naming conventions might differ slightly, as websites are constantly being updated. Follow the general steps, and you should be able to locate the driver you need.

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Canon Pixma MG2120 how to install

To install the Canon Pixma MG2120 printer, follow these steps:

  1. Unpack the printer: Carefully remove the printer from its packaging, along with any protective materials, tapes, and stickers. Place the printer on a stable, flat surface near your computer.
  2. Install the ink cartridges: Open the front cover of the printer to access the ink cartridge holder. Unpack the black and color ink cartridges that came with the printer. Remove any protective materials or tapes from the cartridges. Insert the black cartridge into the black slot and the color cartridge into the color slot, making sure they click into place. Close the front cover.
  3. Load paper: Open the rear paper tray and slide out the paper guide. Place a stack of plain paper (e.g., A4 or letter size) into the tray and adjust the paper guide to align with the edge of the paper stack. Ensure that the paper is properly seated and doesn't exceed the maximum fill line.
  4. Connect the printer to a power source: Plug the power cord into the back of the printer and the other end into a wall outlet or power strip. Press the "ON" button to turn on the printer.
  5. Connect the printer to your computer: Use a USB cable to connect the printer to your computer. The USB port is located at the back of the printer. Note that the USB cable is usually not included with the printer and needs to be purchased separately.
  6. Install the printer driver: Download the appropriate driver for your operating system from the Canon support website (as described in a previous response). Once downloaded, locate the file and double-click on it to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the driver installation. During the installation, you may be prompted to connect the printer to your computer if you haven't already done so.
  7. Set up the printer: After the driver installation is complete, go to the "Control Panel" (Windows) or "System Preferences" (Mac) on your computer. Navigate to the "Printers & Scanners" or "Print & Fax" section and add the Canon Pixma MG2120 printer to the list of available devices.
  8. Test the printer: Print a test page to ensure proper installation and functioning. To do this, open a document or image on your computer, select "File" > "Print", choose the Canon Pixma MG2120 from the list of printers, and click "Print."

Your Canon Pixma MG2120 printer should now be installed and ready for use.

Canon Pixma MG2120 wireless setup

Unfortunately, the Canon Pixma MG2120 does not have built-in wireless capabilities. It connects to your computer via a USB cable and does not support Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections.

If you want to use this printer in a wireless setup, you can try using a third-party print server or a USB-to-Wi-Fi adapter. These devices act as an intermediary between your printer and your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to print wirelessly from devices connected to the same network.

Here's how to set up the Canon Pixma MG2120 with a wireless print server or USB-to-Wi-Fi adapter:

  1. Purchase a compatible wireless print server or USB-to-Wi-Fi adapter. Make sure the device you choose is compatible with your printer and Wi-Fi network.
  2. Connect the print server or adapter to your printer's USB port, which is located at the back of the printer.
  3. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to configure the print server or adapter with your Wi-Fi network. This process may require connecting the device to your computer using a supplied Ethernet cable or USB cable, then running a setup wizard to enter your Wi-Fi network's name (SSID) and password.
  4. Once the print server or adapter is connected to your Wi-Fi network, it should be discoverable by devices on the same network.
  5. On your computer, open the "Control Panel" (Windows) or "System Preferences" (Mac), then navigate to the "Printers & Scanners" or "Print & Fax" section.
  6. Click the "Add Printer" or "+" button to search for available printers on the network. The Canon Pixma MG2120 should appear on the list with the print server or adapter's name.
  7. Select the printer and follow the on-screen instructions to add it to your list of available printers.
  8. Test the printer by printing a document or image from your computer.

Please note that using a wireless print server or USB-to-Wi-Fi adapter may result in reduced print speeds and may not support all features available when the printer is connected directly via USB. Additionally, the setup process may vary depending on the specific print server or adapter you choose. Always refer to the device's user manual for detailed instructions.

Canon Pixma MG2120 ink cartridges

The Canon Pixma MG2120 uses a two-cartridge ink system, one for black ink and one for color ink. The ink cartridges for this printer model are:

  1. PG-240 (Black): This is the standard capacity black ink cartridge.
  2. CL-241 (Color): This is the standard capacity color ink cartridge.

Additionally, Canon offers high-capacity versions of these cartridges for more ink capacity and a higher page yield:

  1. PG-240XL (Black): This is the high-capacity version of the black ink cartridge.
  2. CL-241XL (Color): This is the high-capacity version of the color ink cartridge.

When purchasing replacement ink cartridges for your Canon Pixma MG2120, make sure to look for the correct cartridge numbers (PG-240, CL-241, PG-240XL, or CL-241XL) to ensure compatibility with your printer.

To replace the ink cartridges in your Canon Pixma MG2120, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the printer by pressing the "ON" button.
  2. Open the front cover, and the ink cartridge holder will move to the replacement position.
  3. Press down on the empty ink cartridge to release it, then remove it from the holder.
  4. Unpack the new ink cartridge and remove any protective materials or tapes.
  5. Insert the new cartridge into the holder. Ensure that the black cartridge is placed in the black slot and the color cartridge in the color slot.
  6. Press down on the cartridge until it clicks into place.
  7. Close the front cover of the printer.
  8. The printer will automatically recognize the new ink cartridge and perform a short cleaning cycle.

Your Canon Pixma MG2120 is now ready to use with the new ink cartridges.