Epson ET-2400 good for sublimation

The EcoTank ET-2400 is an all-in-one printer from Epson that uses a supertank system instead of traditional ink cartridges. It features wireless connectivity, allowing you to print from a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets. The printer is capable of printing in color and has scanning and copying capabilities. The EcoTank ET-2400 is designed to provide a low-cost printing solution with its high-capacity ink tanks, which reduces the frequency of ink replacements.

The Epson ET-2400 is not specifically designed for sublimation printing. It is an EcoTank printer, which uses a continuous ink supply system (CISS) to provide a more economical and environmentally-friendly printing option. However, it is possible to convert the ET-2400 for sublimation printing by following these steps:

  1. Purchase sublimation ink: You will need to replace the standard Epson inks with sublimation inks. There are many third-party sublimation ink manufacturers available, so choose one that is compatible with the Epson ET-2400.
  2. Flush the printer: Before filling the EcoTank with sublimation ink, it is essential to flush out any residual standard ink from the system to avoid mixing the inks, which can cause poor print quality or damage to the printer. You can use a cleaning solution designed for inkjet printers to flush the system.
  3. Fill the tanks with sublimation ink: Carefully pour the sublimation ink into the appropriate color tanks of your EcoTank system. Make sure to avoid spilling or cross-contamination between colors.
  4. Update printer settings: Configure the printer settings to optimize the output for sublimation printing. This may include choosing the correct paper type, adjusting print quality, and color management settings.
  5. Use sublimation paper: It is crucial to use sublimation-specific paper to ensure the transfer process works correctly. This paper is designed to release the ink when exposed to high heat, allowing it to transfer onto the substrate.
  6. Heat press: To complete the sublimation process, you will need a heat press. This device applies heat and pressure to the printed sublimation paper, transferring the ink onto the desired substrate, such as fabric, mugs, or phone cases.

Please note that converting an Epson ET-2400 printer for sublimation printing may void the manufacturer's warranty. Consider this and other risks before deciding to modify your printer.