Canon Pixma TS5350 Printer Reviews: Driver, Manual and Ink Cartridges

Hello there, are you in search of a reliable inkjet printer that can cater to all your needs? If so, Canon's Pixma TS5350 Printer might be the perfect option for you! From producing high-quality prints to easy connectivity options and efficient printing speed, this printer has it all. In this article, we will review the Canon Pixma TS5350 Printer, discuss its features, provide you with driver and software options, offer setup guidance, and highlight the ink cartridges compatible with this printer. So, let's dive into the world of this printer and see how it can benefit you.

Canon Pixma TS5350 Reviews

The Canon Pixma TS5350 is a budget-friendly multifunction printer that offers versatility and style for home and small office use. In this review, we will discuss the overview, pros and cons, and comparison with similar printers of the Canon Pixma TS5350.

Overview of Canon Pixma TS5350

The Canon Pixma TS5350 is a sleek and stylish printer that is compact in size, making it perfect for use in small or home offices. It's a multifunction printer that can print, scan, and copy. It offers wireless connectivity options, allowing users to print from their smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. The printer offers a resolution of up to 4800 x 1200 dpi and can print at a speed of up to 13 pages per minute for monochrome and up to 6.8 pages per minute for color.

Pros and Cons of Canon Pixma TS5350

As with any printer, the Canon Pixma TS5350 has its pros and cons. Some of its pros include the excellent print quality, easy setup, and fast printing, which can save users a lot of time. The printer's wireless connectivity options make it extremely convenient to use. However, one of the major cons of this printer is its low paper capacity, which means that users will have to refill paper frequently. The printer also lacks an automatic document feeder, which can be a major drawback for those who need to scan or copy multiple pages at once.

Canon Pixma TS5350

Comparison with Similar Printers

Comparing the Canon Pixma TS5350 to other similar printers such as the HP Envy 5010 and Epson Expression Home XP-3100 can help users decide which printer to purchase. The HP Envy 5010 is a budget-friendly multifunction printer that offers wireless connectivity and excellent print quality. However, it lacks an automatic document feeder, and its paper capacity is quite low. The Epson Expression Home XP-3100 is another budget-friendly multifunction printer offering excellent print quality and wireless connectivity, but it is a bit slower than the Canon Pixma TS5350. Overall, the Canon Pixma TS5350 provides excellent value for money with its excellent print quality, easy setup, and fast printing.

Canon Pixma TS5350 Drivers and Software

The Canon Pixma TS5350 is a versatile printer that is perfect for both personal and professional use. It offers several features that make it a popular choice among consumers, including its sleek design, high-quality printing capabilities, and easy-to-use software.

Downloading Canon Pixma TS5350 Drivers

To download drivers for your Canon Pixma TS5350, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to the Canon website and select your country or region.
  2. Click on "Support" and then "Consumer Products."
  3. Select your product category and then your printer model.
  4. Click on "Drivers & Downloads" and then select your operating system.
  5. Download the driver file and run the installation wizard to install the driver on your computer.

After the installation is complete, you can connect your printer to your computer and start using it.

Canon Pixma TS5350 Software Features

The Canon Pixma TS5350 comes with several software features that enhance its functionality. These features include:

  1. Canon Print App: This app allows you to easily print and scan photos and documents from your mobile devices and cloud services. You can also monitor ink levels and printer status from the app.
  2. Easy-PhotoPrint Editor: This software allows you to edit and customize your photos before printing them. You can add filters, borders, and text, and adjust brightness and contrast to get the perfect result.
  3. Creative Park: This online platform offers a wide range of designs and templates that you can use to create unique crafts, scrapbook pages, and more. You can also download and print coloring pages and paper crafts for kids.

These software features are easy to use and can greatly enhance your printing experience.

Troubleshooting Canon Pixma TS5350 Drivers and Software

While the Canon Pixma TS5350 is a reliable printer, you may encounter some issues when using it. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

  • Printer not responding: Check that the printer is turned on and connected to your computer. Also, make sure that the correct printer is selected in the print dialog box.
  • Low print quality: Check that the ink cartridges are properly installed and not low on ink. You can also run a nozzle check and alignment check to ensure that the printer is operating correctly.
  • Software not working: If you're having trouble with the Canon Print app or Easy-PhotoPrint Editor, try uninstalling and reinstalling the software. You can also check for updates and make sure that your operating system is compatible with the software.

If you're still having trouble with your Canon Pixma TS5350, you can contact Canon's customer support for assistance.

Overall, the Canon Pixma TS5350 is a reliable and versatile printer that offers high-quality printing and useful software features. By following these tips and troubleshooting steps, you can ensure that your printer is working at its best.

Canon Pixma TS5350 Setup Manual

Unboxing and Physical Setup

If you recently purchased a Canon Pixma TS5350, congratulations! Now it's time to set it up. Unpacking your new printer can be exciting, but make sure you do it carefully, so you don't damage any internal parts. You should find the following items in the box:

  • Canon Pixma TS5350 printer
  • Power cord
  • CD-ROM
  • Ink cartridge setup sheet
  • Manuals

Once you have unpacked everything, it's time to set up the printer. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Connect the power cord to the printer and plug it into an outlet. Press the "On" button to turn on the printer
  2. Load paper into the paper tray. The tray is located in the bottom of the printer. Adjust the paper guides to fit the size of paper you're using. Make sure the paper stack is straight and doesn't exceed the capacity of the tray. You can find this information in the manual.
  3. Install the ink cartridges. To do this, open the printer cover and wait for the ink holder to stop moving. Then, remove the protective tape from the cartridges, and insert them into their respective slots. Push down until it clicks into place. Close the cover once you have installed all the cartridges.
  4. You're ready to print. The Canon Pixma TS5350 should have come with a CD-ROM that contains the drivers and software needed to start using the printer. Insert the CD-ROM into your computer and follow the instructions to install the software. Alternatively, you can visit the Canon website to download the latest drivers and software.

You've successfully set up your Canon Pixma TS5350. However, before you start using it, we recommend you read the manual so you can make the most of its features.

Network Setup Guide

The Canon Pixma TS5350 is a wireless-enabled printer, meaning you can connect it to your Wi-Fi network and print from anywhere in your home or office, without the need for cables. Here's how to do it:

  1. Make sure your printer is turned on and that the blue Wi-Fi light is flashing
  2. Press the Wi-Fi button on the printer. The Wi-Fi light should start flashing quickly, which means the printer is searching for a Wi-Fi network
  3. On your computer or mobile device, go to Wi-Fi settings and select the network name (SSID) that matches the printer's name (located on the sticker on the printer)
  4. Enter the password if required. You can find this on the sticker as well.
  5. Wait for the connection to be established. The Wi-Fi light on the printer should stop flashing and stay on.
  6. You're ready to start printing wirelessly. Make sure your computer or device is connected to the same network as the printer.

If you encounter any issues during network setup, please consult the manual or contact Canon's customer support.

Canon Pixma TS5350 Maintenance

Proper maintenance can extend the lifespan of your printer and ensure it works optimally. Here are some maintenance tips:

  • Clean the printer regularly. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe the exterior surfaces. Don't use any abrasive or chemical cleaners.
  • Replace the ink cartridges when they run out. You should get a notification on your computer screen or printer display when the ink is running low. Follow the instructions to replace the cartridge.
  • Perform head cleaning if you notice streaks or gaps in your prints. Head cleaning can be done from the printer software or control panel.
  • Use high-quality paper to avoid paper jams and improve print quality. Refer to the manual for recommended paper types and capacities.
  • Store the printer in a cool, dry place when not in use. Don't expose it to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

If you are experiencing any issues with your printer, consult the manual for troubleshooting tips or contact Canon customer support for assistance.

Canon Pixma TS5350 Ink Cartridges

The Canon Pixma TS5350 is a versatile printer that can handle various tasks, including printing, scanning, and copying. One of the most important components of the printer is its ink cartridges, which play a crucial role in achieving high-quality prints. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Canon Pixma TS5350 ink cartridges.

Types of Ink Cartridges for Canon Pixma TS5350

The Canon Pixma TS5350 uses two types of ink cartridges: standard and XL. The standard cartridges contain less ink and are less expensive, while the XL cartridges have more ink and last longer. The printer uses five individual ink cartridges, including black, pigment black, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

The standard cartridges are suitable for low-volume printing, while the XL cartridges are ideal for high-volume printing. It's essential to note that using XL cartridges can save you money in the long run, as they require less frequent replacement.

Replacing Ink Cartridges in Canon Pixma TS5350

One of the most common maintenance tasks for any printer is replacing the ink cartridges. Here's how you can replace the ink cartridges in your Canon Pixma TS5350:

  1. Turn on your printer and make sure it's not printing anything.
  2. Open the printer cover, and the cartridges will move to the center of the printer.
  3. Press the tab of the empty ink cartridge and remove it from the printer.
  4. Take the new ink cartridge out of its packaging and remove its protective tape.
  5. Insert the new ink cartridge into the correct slot and push it until it clicks into place.
  6. Repeat steps 3-5 for the other ink cartridges.
  7. Close the ink cartridge cover and wait for the printer to align the cartridges.

Make sure to buy original Canon ink cartridges for optimal performance and avoid using third-party ink cartridges that may damage your printer.

Cost of Canon Pixma TS5350 Ink

The cost of ink cartridges for the Canon Pixma TS5350 depends on the type of cartridge and where you buy them. The standard cartridges cost around $15 each, while the XL cartridges cost around $25 each. It's essential to note that these prices can vary depending on the location and seller.

To save money on ink purchases, consider buying multipacks or XL cartridges. Multipacks usually include several cartridges at a discounted price, while XL cartridges last longer and require less frequent replacement.

In conclusion, the Canon Pixma TS5350 is an excellent printer that produces high-quality prints, and its ink cartridges play a crucial role in achieving this. Make sure to follow the steps for replacing ink cartridges correctly and use original Canon ink cartridges for optimal performance and longevity. Finally, consider buying multipacks or XL cartridges to save money on ink purchases.