Canon Pixma TS6051: A Reliable Printer with Easy Wi-Fi Setup and Quality Ink

Welcome to our review of the Canon Pixma TS6051, a reliable and affordable printer that delivers quality prints without any hassle. With its easy Wi-Fi setup and sharp ink technology, this printer is a perfect choice for both personal and professional use. The Canon Pixma TS6051 boasts high resolution and vivid color accuracy, making it an ideal choice for printing photos, documents, and more. In this article, we will explore its features, performance, and overall value, so you can decide if it's the right printer for you.

Canon Pixma TS6051: A Review of Its Features

If you are looking for a sleek and efficient printer that can deliver high-quality prints, the Canon Pixma TS6051 should be on your radar. Here is a comprehensive review of the printer's features.

Printing Quality

The Canon Pixma TS6051 is known for its exceptional printing quality. The printer uses six individual ink cartridges that produce stunning prints with vibrant colors and sharp details. Whether you are printing text or images, you can expect excellent quality prints compared to other printers in the market.

Moreover, the printer can also print borderless photos in various sizes, including square prints (13x13cm). This feature makes the printer ideal for printing photos to frame or include in a scrapbook. Additionally, the printer uses a fine print head that delivers microscopic droplets ensuring precision in the printouts.


The Canon Pixma TS6051 scores high in user-friendliness. The printer comes with a 3-inch touch screen that makes it easy to navigate. The screen displays all the necessary information and prompts that guide the user while printing. Additionally, the printer has wireless connectivity that enables you to print using your smartphone or tablet. With its wireless capabilities, the printer can also scan and print from cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

The Canon Print app makes printing from your mobile device seamless. The app allows you to print from social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The printer also supports Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.

Canon Pixma TS6051


If you are on a budget, the Canon Pixma TS6051 is a cost-effective printer that offers comparable features to other printers in the market. The printer is affordable and comes equipped with six individual ink cartridges that reduce the overall printing cost. With an average cost of $12 to $14 per cartridge, the user can replace a specific cartridge instead of changing all the ink cartridges simultaneously. Moreover, the PIXMA TS6051 has a built-in feature that automatically powers off the printer after a specified period of inactivity, saving energy, and reducing cost.

The Canon Pixma TS6051 is the perfect printer for those who need high-quality prints, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness. The printer's exceptional features make it a popular choice for both personal and office use.

Canon Pixma TS6051 Drivers and Software

The Canon Pixma TS6051 is a high-quality all-in-one printer that promises excellent printing, scanning, and copying results. It's an ideal choice for home users and small offices looking to maximize productivity and save space. To get the most out of your Canon Pixma TS6051, you'll need to know how to properly install its drivers and software, so we're going to take an in-depth look at everything you need to know.

Driver Download

The driver is one of the critical components of any printer, and the Canon Pixma TS6051 drivers can be easily downloaded from Canon's official website. Simply navigate to the downloads section and choose your operating system. Once you've found the correct driver for your printer, simply download and install it onto your computer. The driver enables your computer to communicate with the printer, so you can enjoy seamless printing, scanning, and copying.

Software Features

The Canon Pixma TS6051 comes with a range of software features that are designed to make your printing experience more enjoyable and productive. One such feature is the My Image Garden, which is a software program that allows you to organize and edit your photos quickly. With My Image Garden, you can create and print photo collages, calendars, and other fun projects.

The printer also comes with creative filters, which give you the freedom to experiment with a range of editing options. Full HD Movie Print is another useful feature that enables you to print still images from your favorite movies quickly. Through this software, you can create personalized scrapbooks and frames, adding captions and even mix in your music.


The Canon Pixma TS6051 is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. This makes it easy to set up and install on your computer, whether you're a Mac or Windows user. Once you install the drivers and software for your operating system, you can start enjoying all of the printer's features and benefits.

The Canon Pixma TS6051 is a high-performance all-in-one printer that offers excellent results for both text and photo printing. With its comprehensive driver and software, it's easy to operate, making it an ideal choice for home users who demand quality and productivity from their printer. So, if you're looking for a reliable printer, the Canon Pixma TS6051 is one of the best options available in the market today.

Setting Up Canon Pixma TS6051 WiFi

Wireless LAN Setup

The Canon Pixma TS6051 offers built-in WiFi capabilities that make it easy to set up a wireless LAN connection. In just a few simple steps, users can connect their printer to their home or office network and start printing wirelessly.

To set up the WiFi connectivity, users should first ensure that their printer is turned on and ready to go. Then, they can navigate to the printer's settings menu and select the WiFi setup option. From there, the printer will scan for available networks and prompt users to select the appropriate one. Once the correct network has been selected, users will need to enter the network password and the printer will be ready to connect to the network.

It is important to note that while the setup process is straightforward, users may need to consult the printer's manual or online support resources for additional assistance or troubleshooting.

Mobile Printing

The ability to print from mobile devices has become increasingly important in today's fast-paced and mobile world. The Canon Pixma TS6051 offers a variety of ways to print from smartphones and tablets through various mobile printing apps.

One of the easiest ways to print from a mobile device is through Apple's AirPrint technology. With AirPrint, users can print directly from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch without needing to install any additional software or drivers. The Canon Pixma TS6051 is also compatible with Google Cloud Print, which allows users to print from their Android devices or any device with a web browser and an internet connection.

In addition to these popular printing apps, the Canon Pixma TS6051 also supports the Mopria Print service, which enables printing from any Android device with printing capabilities. With all of these options, users can easily print photos, documents, and more directly from their mobile devices, without the need for a computer or laptop.

Network Security

As more and more devices become connected to the internet, it is increasingly important to ensure that networks are secure and protected from potential threats. The Canon Pixma TS6051 offers a range of security features to help protect users' information and data when using the printer on a network.

One of the key security features of the Canon Pixma TS6051 is WEP/WPA, which allows users to password protect their network and control who has access to it. Additionally, the printer also supports 802.1x authentication, which provides a higher level of security by requiring users to authenticate before accessing the network.

With these and other security features, users can rest assured that their information and data is protected when printing wirelessly on the Canon Pixma TS6051.

Canon Pixma TS6051 Manual

Access to Manual

Upon purchase, Canon Pixma TS6051 comes with a user manual included in the package. This manual explains all the printer features, functions, and specifications in detail to provide an excellent user experience. If you misplaced the user manual or bought the printer second-hand, Canon's official website also offers the manual download option.

User Guide

The user manual for Canon Pixma TS6051 provides a comprehensive guide on how to use and maintain the printer. This manual consists of product specifications, step-by-step instructions, and recommendations to ensure optimal performance. This user guide has been written in plain English to ensure that it is understandable for all users, regardless of their technical expertise. It also includes graphics that enhance the user experience, making it easy to understand all the printer functions. For first-time users, this guide is a must-read to understand everything about their Canon Pixma TS6051 printer.


The Canon Pixma TS6051 user manual comes with a troubleshooting guide, which provides detailed instructions for common printer issues and technical problems. This guide also includes solutions to fix printer-related errors that can hinder the printer's performance. With this troubleshooting guide, users can quickly and easily identify and resolve printer-related problems without the need for professional assistance. This guide is written in simple language to help users who might not be technical experts. The troubleshooting guide included in the user manual of Canon Pixma TS6051 makes it a perfect choice for non-technical users or beginners who want to solve printer problems on their own.

With the detailed user manual provided with the Canon Pixma TS6051 printer, users can easily get started with their new printer. The manual provides all the necessary information to understand the printer's features, functions, and its maintenance requirements. Additionally, the manual includes a troubleshooting guide to help users quickly fix any issues that may arise. With this manual, users can now understand and utilize everything that this printer has to offer and help troubleshoot any problems that may arise easily.

All About Canon Pixma TS6051 Ink

Ink Delivery

The Canon Pixma TS6051 makes ink delivery easy and convenient through the front panel. With this feature, you can easily replace ink cartridges individually without the need to turn the printer around or open the back cover. This makes it highly convenient for users who want to change ink cartridges on the fly without having to interrupt their printing tasks.

Cost of Ink

When it comes to the cost of ink, Canon Pixma TS6051 won't burn a hole in your pocket. The original Canon ink cartridges are highly-affordable compared to other brands in the market. Users can enjoy the high-quality print output without worrying about the cost of ink. Also, the cartridges have a high page yield, which means you can print more pages without running out of ink frequently.

High-Quality Ink

The Canon Pixma TS6051 uses high-quality ink that produces sharp and crisp print output. The ink is known for its better color accuracy and fade resistance, which means the print output remains in its original state for a longer period of time. This factor makes it ideal for users who want to print images or photos that are meant to last for a long time. Additionally, the ink cartridges are easy to install and remove, allowing users to get maximum value from the printer.

Overall, the Canon Pixma TS6051 is an excellent printer that produces high-quality print output using its affordable and high-quality ink cartridges. With an easy-to-use ink delivery system, users can enjoy the convenience of changing ink cartridges on the fly without interrupting their printing tasks. We highly recommend the Canon Pixma TS6051 for both personal and professional use.